What does the Magento Elasticsearch module have?

What does the Magento Elasticsearch module have?

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We bet you want to be able to find anything you need in seconds. Especially in the modern world with a constant lack of time when everyone is in a hurry. For any online shop, this is vital to supply people with the most efficient and convenient search. The reason is that it’s a direct correlation between how easily necessary items can be found and how much profit you can get. Moreover, it also affects the conversion rate, which also has an influence on the total revenue and sales rate. But what is the problem? The default Magento is way too weak for such tasks. It’s like you are trying to find a thing in a dark messy room, only having a flashlight. Complicated, but yet possible. You will reach your goal but you will also waste a lot of time and energy until you finally succeed. Don’t you want to make it faster and easier?

With the plugin we offer to you, you can «turn on the lights in this room». Moreover, the add-on doesn’t only make everything visible, it also cleans the mess! So that you can find anything you want as fast as possible. But if you want to learn more about how everything works here, let’s go through all the features.

Mirasvit has designed the best solution for you

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What exactly is the point of this add-on? It has to do with a more powerful and convenient search feature, as you may be aware. It is much simpler to go over each feature and analyze the module’s actual potential and capabilities on your own if you are concerned about the module’s structure and principles. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this extension? Elasticsearch may be used for a variety of purposes. Let’s take a look at each element individually to be sure you’re on the correct road.

This program understands exactly what you want since it analyzes all searches and presents consumers with fascinating choices. To convince customers to continue, there should always be something legible on the first page. You may also modify the location of other components on the page after making a specific request.

Another important consideration is morphology. People may make mistakes that may not result in any investigation, which is unfortunate. That is an unacceptable level of risk. The plugin uses advanced methods to provide similar morphologically suitable search results. Let’s have a look at the various search possibilities available in this module.

The functionality of the module

search results

This plugin is extremely customizable and versatile. Because of the foundation engine’s speed, customers may find items in milliseconds. This is advantageous to you since it has a substantial influence on customer satisfaction and sales volume. The package currently includes the following components in terms of speed:

  • The navigation is divided into layers. This plugin isn’t slow, and it doesn’t consume as many resources as a standard Magento MySQL call. With the aid of sophisticated layered navigation, it increases performance and decreases server overload.
  • Scaling. A new method is necessary for large catalogs and high-traffic websites. This add-on uses a cluster to spread data over several servers, helping your website function more smoothly.
  • Suggestion algorithms that are intelligent. You may not have the necessary items in stock at any given time for any reason. To prevent offending consumers looking for this item, the module gives the most comparable results currently available.
  • Related purchases. Because not all clients know what they want, it’s your job to help them find it. Showing clients common requests so they may discover related purchases that are trending now is one approach to help them realize what they’re looking for.
  • The system is multilingual. This add-on allows users to select any language from a specific menu, regardless of the language they speak. This makes your website accessible to anybody on the earth, which is really important.
  • Exact search. To find specific goods, use ISBN and SKU numbers as search criteria. If you already know what you want, this is a wonderful method to discover it. This can help you save a lot of time.
  • Wild cards. Let your consumers seek goods even if they don’t know the full name. Unknown parts will be marked with a special symbol (*).
  • Stop words. Another tool that helps consumers locate exactly what they’re looking for, even if their request doesn’t match what’s currently available. To increase the precision of your search, simply make a list of terms.
  • Auto-Correction. If this plugin was not installed, all erroneous requests would be ignored. Meanwhile, the module automatically corrects any incorrect terms, ensuring that clients receive the best possible results.
  • Integration with Google. You can use the Sitelinks Search Box to locate what you’re searching for. This application allows you to locate your company straight from the Google search results page, increasing your total conversion rate.
  • Multi-store search. Users can search in all the store views you have at once. Choose store views you want to add to the Multi-store search. 
  • Highlights. Highlight search results for a faster and more convenient search.
highlight example

Simplifying the routine

The second advantage of auto-filling is that it helps users to save time by allowing them to do searches much more quickly. During the development, customers are encouraged to choose from a number of choices that anticipate future purchases. When consumers type in a product name, the TypeAhead function checks the shop’s most popular requests to help them select the best alternative. Elasticsearch users have access to a fast mode. What are the advantages of being able to do this?

  • The most frequently asked questions. As a result, everyone can see what the vast majority of people really want. Use the top search rankings to find the most well-known products or special offers.
  • It is necessary to have a varied collection of resources. This search yields, not just product names, but also other details. Users, for example, could be able to quickly locate the required page.

Advanced search

You can find everything on the web version of your store. That is, you may seek it if it exists. As a consequence, everybody who sees your website will find online shopping to be considerably more convenient and enjoyable. For further information, see the following list of possible content categories:

  • Third-party plugins are also available. Other systems and materials may be searched for plugins by this module. You may achieve greater results by combining Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources.
  • You were the one who conceived of this concept. Combine data sources that your consumers could find useful. This information now appears in the search results as a result of the addition.
  • All product characteristics are considered during the search process.
  • All of the matching categories are visible to customers.
  • The add-on allows customers to view the values of the features they’ve selected.
  • The content management system was used to create the pages. All of the application’s related pages are also shown.

A few more features you would like to know about

more features

You can do more with this plugin than just search. You may also use a few important features to optimize your shop and make more money:

  • Reports. Two of the most crucial components of a company’s success are data collection and analysis. To avoid difficulties, changes can be foreseen and solutions identified via analysis. As a result, this plugin provides you with the information you want, such as the most frequently used search keywords or the top search results. You can improve your results by altering your settings if you know how many searches and clicks you’ve done.
  • Redirecting. What separates the destination from the trip itself? It would be horrible if customers were unable to contact you. Every 404 error page is watched and updated to ensure that your potential customers never see it. All visitors are directed to the given URL rather than the erroneous website. If this page includes useful information, customers are more likely to stay and explore your company. Not only does this approach save time, but it also saves money. This add-on will guide people to the proper size if you’re looking for a certain result. 
  • The landing pages stand out from the rest of the site. To boost SEO, you may use your own unique information to build numerous pages. Controlling the flow of data and maintaining a product catalog are both typical requirements. You might, for example, develop websites that only display related items in response to specific queries. A fantastic feature may be used for a number of uses. Because they are simple to use, landing pages are convenient and useful. Make sure these websites aren’t the same by double-checking them.
  • It’s ready to hit the road. Compatibility is usually a key asset in today’s world. Smartphones and tablets are gaining in popularity at a faster rate than PCs. As a result, the module’s functionality is particularly helpful in mobile versions in a variety of circumstances.


With Elasticsearch, Magento opens a great number of new possibilities and opportunities for business development. A convenient, fast, and user-friendly search feature is what your store definitely needs. This is what makes customers enjoy shopping and promote your store to friends and other people. Don’t wait for a good moment — create good moments on your own!