Can Magento set shipping rules individually?

Can Magento set shipping rules individually?

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As you may be aware, eCommerce is a very popular sector that continues to develop on a daily basis. You can now buy anything you desire from the comfort of your own home via the internet. And if you sell items online using a Magento-based website, you should understand how critical it is to provide the best possible experience for your clients. To grow better and develop your firm, you must deal with a variety of various features and intricacies. Of course, one of the most obvious issues with online businesses is shipping, as customers from all over the world may place orders on your site. You should provide the most optimum and cost-effective delivery alternatives to ensure client satisfaction. The issue is that basic Magento features are incapable of doing so, which may result in a poor degree of loyalty and a loss of revenue. What can be done to prevent such outcomes? 

Install the special add-on for Magento 2 that allows you to automatically generate individual, custom shipping rules, based on various conditions. Supply your clients with what they really need as fast and as comfortable as it’s possible. Thus, they will promote you to their friends and colleagues, so you can get more profit and expand your enterprise. Are you interested in how it works? Let’s figure it out!

What will you get?

Before describing each feature and nuance, let’s briefly overview the possibilities and advantages of the plugin to help you understand why you need it. This is not something you can reach on your own — this is the opportunity to improve your business, which you may not have later. Just take a look at the benefits!

Customize is as you want


Suit your necessities precisely. This add-on allows you to specify certain conditions for rules to be applied. For instance, you are able to use product attributes as triggers. Thus, whenever an item with specified attributes is detected in the cart, a rule will be applied. Also, it’s possible to apply rules based on certain products or cart attributes, which is also pretty convenient. Use various criteria, such as the number of items or shipping methods to provide customers with more suitable shipping rates. Set the exact day and time for each rule and combine conditions to achieve better results. The number of rules is not limited, so you are free to create as many rules as you want to. Manage your rules easily and choose which one will be stopped and which one will start. 

Anywhere, any time

Choose where you want to apply a rule. For the rule application, you may provide store views and customer groups.

To alter the shipping costs for customers from various shop views, use rules for the store view.

Create shipping rules for certain consumer groups.

Set the values on you own

Create advanced shipping rates. Add new fees or modify the existing rates of your shipping carriers. Replace the shipment cost fully or partially for different types of shipment rates. Rates may be set fixed or percent (per order/item). You can also set limits for min and max rates.

Working principles and features

Specify fees and rates

fee calculation

People always treat you better when you have a good shipping rate:

  • Provide appropriate and reasonable pricing to clients so that they will pick you over your rivals.
  • Set shipping prices based on the circumstances.
  • Choose a precise timing and mechanism for implementing new shipping regulations.

Create custom rules for different regions: 

  • No matter where your customer is, you can control shipping fees for any location easily.
  • Set separate shipping costs for the many shipping companies that are available.
  • Fees might be added or subtracted depending on the location of your clients.

Manage delivery options

Create your own rules for shipping carriers and delivering methods. Each rule can be equipped with multiple carriers and options. 

Fees may be easily altered according to the following parameters:

  • Product and the exact number of ordered goods
  • Total price
  • Customer Group
  • Address 

Set it on time

time settings

Special offers are a good way to attract customers and promote your goods. You can activate shipping rules at a particular time. Moreover, it’s possible to set multiple days for one rule. This grants you more flexibility and increases the overall productivity of your online shop. In the combination with other conditions, it may be a pretty powerful tool.

Make the routine easier

Automate the process of creating custom rules for regions. If you want to create one rule for different locations, you don’t have to do it separately, wasting a tremendous amount of time. Just combine the zones you need and set one rule for the entire group. Magento custom shipping module offers a handy tool Shipping Area that is actually a template for conditions. Use it to facilitate routine processes and save time. You can also include more information, such as country, zip codes, state, and so on, which makes areas more detailed. 



Q: How can I Modify the sipping price with the help of this plugin?

A: When utilizing this module, you may modify a shipping fee in one of three ways: by altering it, adding an extra cost, or eliminating an extra fee. For example, you might create a rule that charges a premium for products that are too large or heavy to transport without additional packaging and handling. Another approach is to provide customers who are both loyal and profitable shipping savings.

For a shipping cost modification, one of five types of shipping charge rates can be applied to any of the variations. They’re computed using a fixed rate per order, product, the unit of weight, percentage of the product price, and percentage of the base rate. A single rule can have several rates, which will be combined after the charge has been determined to provide the consumer with a single shipping price.

To make a shipping price restriction more realistic, the minimum and maximum thresholds of the total shipping rate value can be utilized. 

Q: What is the main task of the module?

A: In Magento 2, the basic configuration does not allow for the creation of specific rules for calculating delivery method cost. Magento Shipping Rules may assist a company in developing a shipping policy that fits both the demands of its consumers and the needs of its business.

Based on the cart and ordered product details, as well as the customer’s account data, you may alter the cost of various delivery options and default shipping rates from shipping carriers with this module. The shipment price of any shipping method with customizable shipping price rules set with this add-on is updated with every cart update.

Q: What if I apply numerous rules to one order? Can this plugin handle such a situation? 

A: Several shipping rate suggestions may have such limits based on the order’s characteristics. The add-on provides a priority level to avoid conflicts when applying particular rules. The highest-priority rules shall be carried out first. Furthermore, when a certain rule is applied to an order, our module provides the option of halting the execution of any other rules, therefore enhancing the rule policy.

Q: Can I use the module to apply free shipping for pre-orders?

A: Yes, thanks to the module’s flexible conditions system, you may provide a free delivery option for purchases that satisfy the set requirements. Cart characteristics such as subtotal, item quantity, and payment method can be used as these criteria. It’s also possible to set criteria based on the properties of the goods in the shopper’s cart.


With the Magento shipping module, custom rules and conditions can bring you more profit and make your customers more loyal. This tool is simple and enjoyable to use. The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to figure out how everything works in a few moments. This means that anyone can use the add-on and set special rules for shipping to suit business necessities and customers’ demands more. This is a great way to develop your store, promote products, and earn more money. Plus, Mirasvit offers plenty of bonuses for its clients, so the module is not only a useful assistant but also a good investment because the price is very affordable while bonuses are awesome. Don’t waste your time and go try one of the best extensions on the market right now!