Create your own referral program in Magento

Create your own referral program in Magento

October 26, 2021 Off By admin

When starting a firm, you must do all necessary to make each and every aspect as nice as possible. There are many things you should do with your website when working on an eCommerce project, including technical subtleties, SEO, and so on. Customers, on the other hand, are the most important aspect of every online or offline store on the globe. It is difficult to sell things without them. Even if you have the greatest website in the world with the most up-to-date features and the safest connection, if no one buys from you, you will never make a penny. As a result, you must constantly appreciate and cherish your consumers. Creating a unique program to encourage children for various events and activities is one of the best methods to satisfy them. Encourage them to select you since you are the finest online merchant who understands customer service.

And this task is specifically for the extension we’ll talk about in this post. Use the add-on to establish the greatest loyalty program possible, where customers may earn incentives for purchasing more items on your website and recommending your store to others. If you don’t trust us when we say it’s as simple as we say, keep reading!

What is this plugin all about?

Because the plugin works with many areas of eCommerce platforms, it gives you all the tools you need to build, manage, and adjust a successful referral program. Your imagination is the only thing that limits you here. In other words, by utilizing Magento’s referral program, you may quickly develop your own unique strategies for motivating others. As a result, you’ll always find your shop fascinating and unique.

Many strategies to strengthen the seller-client connection involve a psychological component that should not be overlooked. It’s really beneficial to have a true “army” of followers ready to defend your interests and rally behind you.

Bring only true customers and leads

An important factor is the new customer’s quality. People want to promote people who share their interests, so reference programs are a fantastic way to obtain friendly, helpful advice.

A higher engagement rate

higher engagement

As previously said, encouraging individuals to participate in a variety of activities, including social media sharing, is highly beneficial. This features a geometric growth pattern, which means it improves average commitment while driving significant traffic to your website.

Keep your clients close to you

The most important thing to remember is that keeping existing clients is far more advantageous than looking for new ones. As a result, you may be able to spend less and earn more. Why? The truth is that everyone is trustworthy: individuals who believe in you are always willing to put more money into your company. The Reward Points add-on provides both parties with a fantastic way to ensure these favorable conditions – a loyalty program. Everything, including posting on social media and other actions, gets points. Customers are motivated to return since these points are only accessible at your business.

The ways to earn points

Let’s take a quick look at your clients’ list of available incentives to see how it all works. We decided to display only a few of the possible scenarios because showing all of them would be meaningless. You may reward users for things like registering, placing a purchase, promoting your website on social media, celebrating an anniversary, and referring new clients via a unique referral link, among other things.

Unlimited modifying possibilities

You can, of course, limit the methods by which customers can pay their accounts. It’s just as vital as the last one. What precisely are your responsibilities? This module may be used to define the active rules, expiration periods, point collection times, amount of spending points (per order), commodities that customers can purchase with points, program participants, and so on.

Furthermore, the balance may be adjusted manually. When you earn a large number of points in a short period of time, your loyalty rises dramatically. Points can also be used to compensate for mistakes. If this user has a problem that your support staff needs to solve or can’t solve, give him or her more points.

Glad to see new customers

People are encouraged to help others in need. For their efforts, applicants should be rewarded. It’s great to reward existing customers for bringing in new customers, but it’s even better to compensate them for bringing in new customers. This really boosts your stimulation! You may potentially be compensated by the person who initially introduced you. The referral program increases the likelihood of new consumers sticking around and spending more money than existing customers.

earning rules

Haven’t seen you for a while

Customers who have been inactive for a long time can be revived. Make sure your consumers are aware that you are thinking about them. You may either reveal them to people who haven’t checked in in a while or compensate them with a module. Customers are alerted of balance shifts, motivating them to return and take advantage of new opportunities.

Hurry up to use your points

Customers should be informed that the amount of points available is limited. Customers are informed that their points would expire in one week, which encourages them to spend more money with them.

Additional functionality


bundling rule

Clients are more inclined to buy bundles and goods with other things if they earn bonus points. This will assist you in developing a cross-selling strategy. promoting a certain item Additional incentives based on points should be incorporated in regular discounts. Customers will have to pay for their points again, making this a far better deal.

Different customer levels

Tiers are created for consumers. Tiers are used to divide clients into different groups. Because each level has its own set of constraints, the amount of points earned and the number of points available for redemption varies. The higher the tier, the more benefits your consumers will receive. To advance to the next level, you must spend more points and buy more items. It’s also a psychological endeavor to motivate customers to compete and complete unfinished tasks until they reach the greatest level possible. That is an excellent loyalty program.

A handy, comprehensive dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard is available. The Magento referral program extension is also used to provide a separate dashboard where users can see all of their loyalty and referral programs’ current limitations, levels, earnings, and transaction history. This page offers a universal URL that visitors can be sent to. The importance of a positive client experience cannot be overstated. Educate your clients on all essential program elements while they’re looking through your catalog. Make sure everyone is aware of the problem!

Get Notifications

Get Notifications

Because advertising in this industry is so important, make sure your referral and loyalty programs are well-known. The plugin may be used to deliver special offers and notifications to your most loyal clients. You have complete control over the information you provide to customers, including when, when, and how it is delivered. First and foremost, decide where people will be able to see your data. It might be the cart or the reference pages, for example. You may promote certain items and increase sales as a result. When a client selects one item, for example, you will recall that you have other similar items in your store and that purchasing more will earn them more advantages. Customers must be kept up to date through content balance and services. This is convenient since it eliminates the need to check the quantity on the webpage.


A complete list of all transactions may be seen here. In the admin panel, you can quickly view an extensive history of points earned and spent for each user. For a more in-depth study, special reports are available. It’s critical to determine whether such software is appropriate for your current ruleset. Special reports will give you all of the information you need to track your whole spectrum of income.


With such a fantastic Magento referral program that you can establish with Mirasvit’s extension, you may achieve more success and boost your revenue, which is crucial for every online store. Furthermore, the module is reasonably priced, making it an attractive option for organizations of all sizes. We believe that there is nothing to think about for too long. Just install the add-on and make your business bloom. With a good referral program, you can build a more lucrative and efficient store at ease.